ATM Centre Case

One of the largest banks in the Caribbean with over 1000 ATM terminals needed to improve the operation of their network. The tools they were using were antiquated and required the manual collection of files in some situations and increased their operating costs. They were also having issues with managerial reports and complaints from clients using their network as service was slow and it could take days for clients to receive responses.

EMV Kernel for terminals Case

One of the largest private networks of ATM’s, which has over 20,000 terminals in Brazil, has a proprietary application which acquires transactions from most local banks. In order to acquire the transactions from international card brands with a chip they needed to have an EMV kernel certified by EMV Co which was also multivendor.

Data processing for EMV cards Case

One of the largest issuer banks in Brazil was looking for a more practical and effective way to validate chip card data with the option of script processing to be able to change card parameters when in use. Their main objective was to control fraud and the threat of attacks which can be generated through falsification of cryptograms and financial transaction data.

Instant Card Issuance Case

A large global retail chain, with over 500 locations in Brazil was looking to provide an easier way to offer credit to their clients affiliated with their loyalty program. Their proposal was to create a system for the customer loyalty program using an application, to be filled out in stores, so that clients could receive their credit card at home.