Terminal Management

As banks look to reduce costs by closing down branches, the ATM channel will play an increasingly important role for the banking sector.


As banks look to reduce costs by closing down branches, the ATM channel will continue to increase in importance for the banking sector, serving a greater variety of banking and payment needs. Most functionalities that a teller offers, could be replaced by a self-service ATM or kiosk, with few exceptions. The task for financial institutions then becomes making sure that their clients have the best possible customer experience as well as offering innovative banking solutions.

HST provides a complete self-service solution for ATM and kiosk applications which comprises every aspect of development, management, control and support. Our solution is suited for financial institutions of all sizes and is multi-vendor, multi-OS, multi-language and multi-currency.  In addition, this solution is offered on-prem or on the cloud and is compliant with all Brand, EMVCo and PCI specifications.

HST’s Self-Service solution is flexible and allows users to explore the opportunities of this channel by offering new, dynamic products. We offer novel options through self service contact point so financial institutions can earn more by offering customers new services such as: bill paying, remittances, ticket purchasing, advertising, biometric device integration, mobile payment integration, cardless transactions and others…

ATM Centre is an integrated platform for the management of an ATM network. It is a modular solution which allows for flexibility by adding different functionalities as needed in a cost effective manner.



EJM – electronic journal monitoring

Keeps track of all transactions on each individual ATM; securely transmits files to central server; used for reconciliation, statistics and customer service

ETMS – electronic terminal monitoring

Online real time monitoring of status of all ATM terminals, both hardware & software, eg; lack of cash, number of bills available to dispense; calculates availability of all terminals in network


RKL – remote key loading

Responsible for management of cryptographic keys of ATM’s as specified by PCI PIN

Media Manager

Management of campaigns on ATM screens & allowing creation and distribution to local, regional or national terminals

Itrans Manager

Connects to all terminals; routes transactions to third party channels such as debit authorization channel or external channels; may act as a pre-switch reducing processing of other systems; provides set of dashboards to be used at operations center

EMV Kernel

Module which performs exchange of info with chip card, certified by EMV Co


The 5 main characteristics of the solution are the following:

Multi-vendor: offers true independence from hardware providers

Device agnostic: offers possibility of managing different types of devices

Multi-organization: allows for the management of various entities, branches and terminals

Modular: permits you to add functionalities and grants additional flexibility

PCI & EMV certified: Complies with PCI payment standards