Card Tokenization

The digital transformation has changed the way companies Interact with their clientes and smartphones are helping them to meet their constantly changing needs, where tokenization is essential factor.


Card tokenization plays a key role in security, making it a necessity in digital payments.

Customers want to purchase goods at any given time or place on any device and they expect their experiences to be quick, easy and secure.

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Tokenização de Cartão - HST

Card Tokenization Solutions

tokenização de cartão

HST Pay is a comprehensive payment platform which offers a mobile wallet and includes all application modules related to tokenization. The solution allows for the simple management of users, cards, tokens and reports for wallets and cards.

tokenização de cartão

Push Provisioning

With consumers connected to so many devices and services, it becomes more necessary than ever to be able to manage digital payments in one centralized location.

HST pay is NHPP ready

HST pay is MDES Token Connect ready


EMV QR Code is a widely adaptable payment option offering greater security, control and convenience than more traditional payment schemes.

The recent demand for contactless transactions has spurred the resurgence of QR Codes. Practicality is one of the biggest benefits for the customer and also helps to create an ecosystem less centered on money.

wearable pay

HST Pay Wearables

Wearables are a useful and convenient payment factor, representing an unprecedented opportunity for card issuers and payment card networks to become top of wallet and offer consumers new and more convenient digital ways to pay.

Wearable devices were developed to facilitate different activities of our daily routine. The technology behind wearable pays allows financial transactions to be faster and more secure.

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