ATM Centre Case

One of the largest banks in the Caribbean with over 1000 ATM terminals needed to improve the operation of their network. The tools they were using were antiquated and required the manual collection of files in some situations and increased their operating costs. They were also having issues with managerial reports and complaints from clients using their network as service was slow and it could take days for clients to receive responses.


HST presented a solution that was transparent on their native self-service software and collected the data from transactions and data from the devices and sensors automatically. In addition the software allowed for remote support via commands. The bank saw a significant reduction in operating costs due and was also used by other areas as well as a business and complaint management center. This enabled the bank to offer an immediate response time for incidents with clients as well as enabling more efficient usage of terminals

HST Product

HST’s ATMCentre Core Manager is a solution that permits efficient and optimal operation of terminal networks. It is a multi-vendor solution which is compatible with most terminal manufacturers and models. HST has installed this solution in 10 financial institutions in Latin America.

Software Features

  • Multi-vendor compatible with most ATM terminals in the marketplace. This solution is homologated with a number of manufacturers of these terminals.
  • PCI Certified, all sensitive client data is protected in every step of the collection, transmission or processing.
  • Visualization of events in real time for immediate analysis whether it’s hardware or software related.
  • Allows remote commands for control and recovery attempts, eliminating the need to send out a technician
  • Allows for consolidation of terminal transaction data, so the transaction journal can be used for analysis and the compare the data of the authorizer.

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