EMV Kernel for terminals Case

One of the largest private networks of ATM’s, which has over 20,000 terminals in Brazil, has a proprietary application which acquires transactions from most local banks. In order to acquire the transactions from international card brands with a chip they needed to have an EMV kernel certified by EMV Co which was also multivendor.


HST presented the client with the HST EMV Kernel software, which is a set of libraries allowing any self-service application to access the functionalities of the EMV chip card. HST’s Kernel allows abstraction of the chip and hardware access layer so that the application can continue to evolve without the need to re-certify in each version.

HST Product

HST licenses the EMV Kernel software for terminals with hardware that is compatible and ready to capture EMV chip card data. The software allows for certain customizations to address specific demands of the acquirer and provides support for most model readers and terminals.

Software Features

  • EMV Co. certified, strictly follows EMV Co. defined rules
  • Multi-vendor runs with most readers and chip cards
  • Multi-platform, runs on different operating systems

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