Instant Card Issuance Case

A large global retail chain, with over 500 locations in Brazil was looking to provide an easier way to offer credit to their clients affiliated with their loyalty program. Their proposal was to create a system for the customer loyalty program using an application, to be filled out in stores, so that clients could receive their credit card at home. The issue with this concept is that the client leaves the store without the card in hand. He receives the card only days after visiting the store and making a purchase, leaving the potential for the card to be forgotten and fall out of use. There also exist other sorts of problems associated with distributing cards after the clients has left the store, including getting lost in distribution.


The clients came to HST looking for a solution to get cards in the hands of their clients while they are still shopping in the store. HST presented a solution that would put a fully functioning, activated card in the hands of their clients instantly, allowing the client to define their own PIN. The solution is currently installed in over 500 retail sites and they generate over 10,000 cards on a daily basis. According to the retail chain, the card activation and usage rate of has surpassed 60%.

HST Product

HST licenses Instant Card Issuance software with or without the EMV chip. This solution can work with branded or private label cards. It allows for the control of cards as well as printers in the stores so that process management between stores can be tracked by headquarters. HST’s Instant Card Issuance solution has installations with issuers throughout Brazil and Latin America with about 1,500 issuance points.

Software Features

  • Multi-platform – can be used with embossers or flat printers, thermal or dual-sided color printers
  • Multi-technology – the solution supports conventional mag stripe and chip, contact and contactless
  • Multi-vendor – the solution is homologated with a series of printer models and manufacturers for chip cards
  • Support for card issuance for the main brands as well as private label
  • Customer can define their own PIN in the moment of issuance

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