Data processing for EMV cards Case

One of the largest issuer banks in Brazil was looking for a more practical and effective way to validate chip card data with the option of script processing to be able to change card parameters when in use. Their main objective was to control fraud and the threat of attacks which can be generated through falsification of cryptograms and financial transaction data.


HST presented the client with the HST EMV Transaction Processor solution, whose purpose is to validate the cryptographic date generated by the chip card and validate rules of the financial transaction, such as “pin by-pass” and “replay attack”. The solution allows for the alteration and creation of rules in real time and allows the issuers area of operations to analyze the attack attempts in real time, and can be integrated into a fraud detection engine. This software has helped the client to considerably reduce fraud with chip card transactions.

HST Product

HST licenses the EMV Transaction Processor software for mainframes or distributed platform. The solution is pre-configured with the most common templates and support for cryptograms for contact or contactless cards.

Software Features

  • Multi-technology – the solution supports conventional mag stripe and chip, contact and contactless
  • Support for cryptogram processing for the main brands and also support for issuance of private label cards.
  • Allows for the creation of rules in real time in such a way that these rules can be applied immediately without the need to restart the service.
  • Contains a log of events which can be analyzed by the production and operation team of the bank.
  • Processes scripts to change chip card data such as: PIN change, chip application unlock, parameter change.

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