Case Study – On-Premises Instant Issuance – Carrefour

Carrefour Bank is a part of Carrefour Group, the largest market chain and food retailer in Brazil. They have a presence in all of the country with close to 500 stores and over 70,000 employees. Initially focused on the personal retail segment, the group expanded into the wholesale segment by acquiring the well estabished Atacadão network.

Digital Transformation

Since the beginning of 2018, backed by the Carrefour 2022 Plan, the group began a bold digital transformation plan, including all segments of the business and focused on getting to know their customers and personalizing their shopping experience. Among the various initiatives of the Plan, the financial services offer occupied a prominent role, using digital platforms to deliver speed, convenience and security.

The Challenge

In 2011, Carrefour started a customer acquisition pilot in 3 stores in São Paulo, offering them a personalized credit card to make purchases, during their time in the store. The main objectives were the immediate activation of the cards and the reduction in operating costs of acquiring customers. The experiment proved that on-site customer acquisition and their immediate ability to make purchases was an important tool to leverage sales and expand the supply of credit. The positive results led to the expansion of services to 24 more Carrefour stores, with an even greater potential to attract more customers.


A pilot held in an Atacadão store in late 2016 revealed wide acceptance by customers, which led to the expansion of Instant Issuance to all stores of the wholesale chain and to new Carrefour stores, totaling about 300 points throughout the country.

Why HST?

HST is a long time Carrefour vendor, offering software solutions for various lifecycle processes of financial transactions, including the EMV issuance software. HST was chosen to participate in the first store issuing pilot, based on its vast experience of instant chip card issuance.

Testimonial of Daniel Augusto Reis de Carvalho – Director of Operations:

“We chose HST for their robust solution offering for this challenge and their services that easily integrate with our operational processes, providing the necessary levels of security for a concept which was not yet widely recognized in the Brazilian market and extremely innovative at the time. They were called upon to provide this logical integration of instant issuing services, using their vast know-how in our operation”.

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