Click2Pay – Solution to simplify and increase security in online commerce

With the constant growth of e-commerce in Latin America, the need arose to make the online shopping experience faster, easier and safer for everyone involved. Thus, the Click2Pay solution was born, which brings together card tokenization and 3DS technologies.


With high cart abandonment rates and low approval rates, many transactions are lost and higher levels of fraud occur than in gift card transactions, so Click to Pay stands out as an efficient solution

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How does Click2Pay work?


Click2Pay is an electronic payment solution developed by major credit card companies (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). The solution offers a safe, fast and convenient alternative for consumers who want to shop online. With this solution, consumers can pay for their purchases on e-commerce websites, apps, and other locations that accept electronic payments.


The Click2Pay solution works simply and effectively. 


Consumers need to register their credit cards in the solution. Once registered, consumers can make purchases on e-commerce sites that accept the Click to Pay solution.


  1. On the checkout screen of the merchant’s website, the customer selects the “Click to Pay” option as a payment method.
  2. Subsequently, the customer is redirected to the Click to Pay login page, being successfully authenticated, it is possible to select a card, pre-registered on the platform, whether the credit or debit option, to be used to proceed with the purchase.
  3. Next, the customer confirms their details and the card on the confirmation page.
  4. Then, the customer returns to the merchant’s website on the payment confirmation page with the card selected via Click To Pay.
  5. Ready, purchase completed, without the customer’s card details being entered on the merchant’s website. The processing of this purchase will be carried out using the normal payment authorization flow.


Click to Pay seeks to provide a physical-like ecommerce or mobile payment experience using tokenization and 3D-Secure technology.



Key Benefits of Click2Pay:



With this solution, consumers’ payment information is encrypted and stored on secure servers. This way, customer information is not shared with merchants, reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.



Consumers don’t need to remember multiple different usernames and passwords for each online shopping site. In addition, the solution is compatible with several devices: computers, smartphones and tablets.


Frictionless transactions

Frictionless online shopping experience. Customers do not need to repeatedly enter their card, billing, and shipping information.


Reducing costs

It saves resources and costs, certification is not necessary for each brand, with more agility.


Click2Pay features

The Click to Pay solution has several features that make the online shopping experience easier and safer:

  • Secure storage of payment information
  • Strong customer authentication
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Integration with multiple online merchants
  • Support for multiple credit cards
  • Single point of integration with Brand SRC systems in the function of SRC Initiator
  • Integration with purchasers for check-out
  • Compatibility with mobile devices and web browsers
  • Single point integration via API or web SDK interfaces
  • PCI-DSS Certified SaaS Solution


HST – More security for electronic transactions

The HST Click to Pay solution provides APIs for merchants and acquirers making it easy to integrate e-commerce sites with the Click to Pay solution. With a single click, consumers can pay for their purchases on e-commerce websites, apps, and other locations that accept electronic payments. 

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