E-commerce Security

E-commerce fraud strategies are a true balancing act of controlling fraudulent charges, minimizing false declines and providing a positive experience with minimal friction for the customer.

As EMV technology gains wider acceptance all over the world, fraudsters are shifting their focus to the path of least resistance. Card not present fraud rates are increasing worldwide.

3D Secure is part of a comprehensive eCommerce security program, it is commonly used by online retailers, as a fraud prevention measure to help protect businesses and customers from having their details stolen when making online purchases.

The protocol has changed to a much safer and more transparent online shopping experience leading to a more positive, frictionless user experience.

The technology, is now managed by the EMV Co. consortium and it will be known as EMV 3-D Secure.


EMV Co. certified
PCI 3DS Certified
Cloud-based ACS Solution
Integrated issuers back-end
3DS 1.0 and EMV 3-D Secure compatible
Multiple authentication methods
Integrated with Issuers Risk Based Authentication (RBA)
Dashboard, Reports and Analytics

Main Benefits

  • Improved user experience through:
    • Intelligent risk-based decision making for a frictionless customer experience – Risk Based Authentication (RBA)
    • Integration with multiple channels:
      • smartphones
      • tablets
      • IoT devices
    • Allow issuers to offer Out-of-Band (OOB) authentication if available
    • Supports app based purchases on mobile devices
  • Quicker transaction time by making authentications faster
  • Better decision making to improve overall security – fraud reduction
  • Reduction in false declines
  • Improved sales due to less cart abandonment
Step 01

Once a cardholder enters their account details, the merchants 3D Secure service provider delivers message & transaction data to the issuer

Step 02

Issuers 3D Secure service provider assesses risk & may ask cardholder to verify identity

  • Low risk ~ 85% of all transactions – requires no additional verification & results in a frictionless flow
  • High risk – will require additional customer verification
Step 03

Issuer sends authentication result to merchant

Step 04

Merchant submits transaction for authorization with flag indicating authentication result

Step 05

The end result is a better user experience saving time, reducing friction and less shopping cart abandonment


EMV Transaction Processor is designed to reduce fraud; it is for Issuers needing to authenticate cryptograms or generate scripts for their EMV card. The system provides chip data authentication and enhances fraud prevention processes, it can verify the CVV and PVV. HST Transaction Processor provides card issuers with the ability to dynamically update EMV parameters on Smart Cards after issuance. The solution also allows customer PIN change. Issuers can enable their cardholders to select, change and unblock their PINs quickly and easily at any branch or self-service terminal.