SaaS Instant Issuance – Lojas Pernambucanas

Pernambucanas Stores have been evolving with Brazilian families for the past 111 years.   The company is well known for its pioneering spirit and its contribution to the progress of various cities throughout the country.  They offer a wide variety of fashion, beauty and home products, as well as small appliances, communication and technology devices.  The stores are present in more than 270 cities, in 10 states and in the capital district with over 370 stores and approximately 12,000 employees.

Digital Transformation

In addition to retail, Pernambucanas also has a fintech division, Pefisa, the group’s financial arm, which is responsible for the development and management of products such as Pernambucanas Digital Account, Digital Wallet, credit cards, personal loans and insurance.  The brand offers an innovative digital retail relationship platform and financial products with apps, online purchasing, tablet (100% digital credit authorization within 7 minutes), instant issuance of chip cards, digital service and free Wi-Fi in all departments throughout the stores.

The Challenge

Pernambucanas goal is to offer clients an increasingly dynamic and more personalized experience.  In 2018, they became pioneers by offering the instant issuance of the Pernambucanas Elo card in every store.  The cards were granted within 10 minutes.  This innovation was possible due to the implementation of a credit-granting process, which was 100% digital, in only 7 minutes anywhere throughout the store.

Soon after, Pernambucanas introduced another innovation.  The client could receive the card in their hands, after just 3 more minutes, allowing them to use the card immediately in the store or in any other establishment, without having to wait for it to arrive in the mail.  The card is issued with a chip and the client gets his PIN either by SMS or in the app.

Why HST?

Pernambucanas chose HST to provide the EMV Instant Issuance platform based on their solid experience and leadership in the Brazilian market in secure issuance of EMV cards.  The solution is able to quickly personalize the cards, so they are ready to be used immediately.  Used in SaaS mode, the solution is integrated into the CRM system and personalizes the card once the customer account is created.  It is compatible with all types and brands of printers and includes inventory control customized for each point of sale.


“The challenges were clear: timing, technology, security, operation and budget limitations.  We chose HST to be one of the suppliers in this project; mainly due to the innovative SaaS model, their knowledge of the equipment, agility and capacity to deliver within our timeframe, considering, the new features we opted to develop, aiming at security and control of input stocks.  The results could not have been better: record time, very low levels of problems and the best retail experience”  Fabiano Rustice – CIO of Pernambucanas

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