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IT Career – Leader in Digital Payment Security

Founded in 1987, with headquarters in Campinas / SP and Miami / FL, HST is a payment solutions company for financial institutions, retailers and fintechs throughout Latin America. For over 30 years, with operations in 18 countries and 10 major banks in Latin America, HST has offered solutions that make transactions safer and allows card issuers and brands to provide their customers with security, innovation and practicality in transactions. If you want to make a career in IT Campinas in a leading company in digital payments security, read on and learn a little more about HST!


Main payment solutions offered:

– Issuance and tokenization of cards;

– Security in e-commerce transactions;

– Management of terminals (ATMs);

– Validation of electronic transactions.


HST technologies meet the most demanding standards defined by the main certificates and committees in the sector, such as PCI and EMVCo.


What moves us? Technology based on people

As a leader in information technology for payment systems, we are happy to be the protagonists in financial relationships. HST contributes to people’s daily lives, generating trust through the security we provide with our solutions.

What moves us? Solving the most complex challenges in a world that keeps evolving. We know that it is not possible to solve these challenges without people who are proactive, collaborative, open to new experiences and that are always questioning everything.

Payment methods and electronic transactions require security, agility and functionality not only for those who offer it but also for those who use them. Enabling this is challenging and this is the reason why we exist. We are a team that perceives, researches, performs and is committed to deciphering and developing technologically efficient solutions.


The HST culture

For us, Organizational Culture is the path through which people interact within HST. But you must be asking yourself: how was this Organizational Culture built?

Our Essence, our Principles and our Value Proposition, guide our Culture, which needs to reflect on our day-to-day life through our actions.

– Essence – Solve the most complex challenges.

– Principles – Understand, Research, Challenge and Accomplish.

– Value Proposition – A technology solutions company that decipher the complexity of payment methods, generating security and functionality for our customers.


Organizational structure

Our Organizational Structure is represented through collaborative Circles. Each with a specific and semi-autonomous context in order to make some decisions. The common goal of all Circles is to collaborate with the largest Circle of all, which represents HST itself. Each collaborative circle has a Head, a role played by a person responsible for managing people and coordinating activities. For Circles with many people, the Head is assisted by people who play the role of the Interaction Leader.


IT Career – Digital Payment Security

At HST, we offer the opportunity to grow in a challenging environment in which each person’s counterpart is equivalent to the size of their desire to grow. We believe it is important the development to be continuous and adaptable to the demands that we propose to solve as a company. Our Development Plan is our main tool to assess the evolution of each person.

As soon as People become part of HST, their plan is created with the help of their direct manager. The plan is reviewed and monitored periodically through check-in meetings or whenever necessary.


Check out HST vacancies – IT Company in Campinas

Do you want to make a career in IT Campinas in a team that makes financial transactions safer? If you are one of those people who want to go beyond normality and impact thousands of people, come, explore the complexity of payment methods, and be part of our team!

Click on the link and check our vacancies.



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