ATM Centre Case

The largest network of self-service terminals in Paraguay, over 1000 terminals needed to improve their network operations, which used outdated methods which in certain cases required the manual collections of files thereby increasing operating costs.  This network was a group of issuer banks and required each terminal to be customized so that the end user would be provided with a familiar look, navigation interface and transaction for their individual bank and card.


The solution presented was to implement a new software platform that runs on different terminal models, allows for personalized transactions and offers by entity and for clients of each entity and enables transactions with or without cards and integration with the institutions cellular app as well as allowing the use of biometric devices.

On the operational side, the software collects transaction data as well as data about the device and its sensors automatically, in addition to allowing for commands to be sent remotely for certain fixes.  There was a significant operating cost reduction with the HST software and all institutions in the group began utilizing it.  All members experienced significant improvements in service levels and allowed for a new service offering with new transactions at a quicker speed.

HST Product

HST ATMCentre Full Manager is a full service solution; upon installation it allows for complete control of the entire network in addition to the personalization and integration with other mediums such as mobile apps and biometric devices.  It is a multi-vendor solutions that is compatible with most manufacturers and terminals such as ATMs, Depositories, Cash Recyclers and Kiosks.

Software Features

  • Multi-vendor, can be used with most self-service terminals in the market, the solution is homologated with many terminal manufacturers.
  • PCI Certified, all sensitive client data is protected in every step of the collection, transmission or processing.
  • Visualization of events in real time for immediate analysis whether it’s hardware or software related.
  • Allows remote commands for control and recovery attempts, eliminating the need to send out a technician
  • Allows for consolidation of terminal transaction data, so the transaction journal can be used for analysis and the compare the data of the authorizer.

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