Push Provisioning

The digital transformation has changed the way businesses interact with their customers and smart phones are helping them to meet their ever changing needs.

What is Push Provisioning?

It is a digital card management experience that allows issuers to offer cardholders control and convenient access over how, where and who they pay.   Push provisioning enables cardholders to “push” a token from the issuer into participating token requestors. Token requestors can include:  participating merchants, digital wallets, and commerce platforms which in turn enable secure, convenient checkouts anywhere and any way they choose to pay. Historically issuers have needed to contract and integrate with Card On File merchants and Card Present wallets separately. By offering push provisioning capabilities, a single integration point to interface with participating token requestors simplifies access.

  • Tokens can be provisioned from: a mobile wallet, mobile banking app and online mobile banking
  • Tokens can be provisioned to: a mobile wallet, wearable devices such as Fitbit and merchants

Key Benefits for Issuers:

Push Provisioning

Appeals to digital wallet issuers by providing a convenient and simplified manner to push cards into participating token requestors with just 1 single point of integration.

push provisioning

Gain top of wallet status for selected token requestors.

Key Benefits for Cardholders:

push provisioning

Cardholders can use their card immediately with no waiting for it to arrive in the mail and they can load cards to their favorite merchants and wallets simply and easily rather than having to enter all their data manually.

push provisioning

Cardholders can extend access to a digital card to a designated person so they can make online purchases or through a mobile wallet without having to hand over the physical card.


push provisioning
Push Provisioning
Push Provisioning


How it works?

A cardholder wants to sign up for a movie streaming subscription, which involves a recurring monthly charge. She opens up her digital wallet and selects the card that she wants to provision to the streaming site. She selects that site which is listed as available merchants on her wallet and it launches. She creates an account then reviews and accepts terms and conditions. A token is then created, activated and provisioned for the payment card she has already selected. She is then returned to her digital wallet and receives confirmation that her card was provisioned successfully.