EMV QR Code is a widely adaptable payment option offering greater security, control and convenience than more traditional payment schemes.

QR Code payments are a fast, secure, convenient and economical alternative for people to make digital payments.

The generation of a QR Code enables customers to pay, simply by holding up a camera from their smartphone to the mobile app and scanning the code. This is an ideal payment method for small merchants to easily accept digital payments as it removes traditional barriers associated with electronic payment acceptance such as costly POS hardware. In addition, not all smartphone owners can afford the high-end NFC enabled smartphones required for digital payments.


  • Compatible with EMV QRCode Specification for Payment Systems
  • Uses HCE tokens stored in the NFC wallet*
  • Transactions are processed as contactless card present transactions
  • Provides the same security features of NFC transactions*
    *for Android

HST’s QR Code solution has two possible payment options which can be selected at the time of payment:

Merchant Presented: QR Code can be generated by the Merchant to be presented to the customer application, responsible to perform the payment

  • Static
  • Dynamic

Customer Presented: the customer generates a QR Code and presents it to the Merchant to read and perform the payment


Main Benefits

  • Merchants/Acquirers:
    • No expensive POS infrastructure required
    • Quick and easy to use – operational costs are reduced, saves time and improves efficiency at checkout
    • Increased security – chances of fraudulent charges are very small
    • Generate new revenue potential by expanding merchant base and increasing number of transactions
  • Issuers/Customers:
    • Simple, non-cash payment alternative
    • Increased convenience and speed
    • Democratizes digital payments, bringing more customers to the system