HST Pay is a complete payment platform that offers a digital wallet for conventional branded credit/debit cards, Private Label and/or White Label cards and all application modules related to tokenization. We are a certified Visa Token Service Provider (TSP). The solution allows for easy management of: users, cards, tokens and reports for wallets and cards.

Benefits of digital wallets

carteira digital white label

Options for Regular and Quick Pay

carteira digital white label

NFC and QR Code pay options

Customizable to your own specifications/branding

Greater spending control

carteira digital white label

We provide infrastructure to digitize private label cards

carteira digital white label

Supports a variety of ID&V methods

carteira digital autenticação

Biometric Secure Access

A great digital wallet includes value added functionalities

APIs are the connective tissue in today’s ecosystems. For companies who know how to implement them, they can cut costs, improve efficiency, and help the bottom line.
“What it really takes to capture the value of APIs”, September 2017 | McKinsey Digital

Digital wallet functionalities

Merchant Offers

The Merchant Offer API is a centralized storage center for global, regional and local merchant offers so issuers can promote them to cardholders.


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ATM Locator

Provides cardholders with a search engine for finding convenient Visa/Plus and MasterCard Maestro or Cirrus ATM’s around the world from their mobile device.


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Travel Notification Service

Convenient and secure digital solution for cardholders to report upcoming or current travel.


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Foreign Exchange Rates

Provides access to daily foreign exchange rates in a vast number of global currencies for simple two-way currency conversion.


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Transaction Controls

Allows cardholders to manage and limit their spending to determine when, where and how their card can be used.



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Digital Wallet Uses Cases


Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, the last thing that you need is for your credit card to be declined.  Our Travel Notification App is a convenient and secure digital solution for cardholders to report upcoming or current travel.

How it works?

The Travel Notification app can be integrated into a digital wallet allowing cardholders to upload their travel plans.  Once a cardholder reports an upcoming or current trip through their mobile app, the travel details will be stored for future matching.  When cardholders conduct transactions in the reported location and in the reported time frame, a travel tag is provided in real-time within the authorization message.  This information provides issuers with greater confidence with authorization decisions as well as providing a more positive user experience by reducing the chances of a false decline.

Main Benefits:
  • Fewer false declines – by being able to connect customer reported travel information with real-time transactions, issuers can have more confidence in approving transactions thereby reducing cardholder frustration and lost charges.
  • Convenience – by simply opening up the Travel Notification app, cardholders can input their travel data for upcoming trips and avoid having to spend extended periods on phone calls with call centers.


Helps cardholders find any ATM according to a requested geographic location around the world from their mobile device or via the Web.

How it works?

A cardholder inputs the desired location of the ATM based on street address, city or town, postal or zip code or point of interest.  The ATM Locator API will return a list of possible ATM’s.  The cardholder then has the ability to filter down according to their needs, e.g.; operating hours, wheelchair accessible, contactless….

Main Benefits:
  • Helpful – gives cardholders walking or driving directions to locate ATM’s in and out of their network, should they need cash in an emergency situation
  • Convenience – provides ATM locations in more than 200 countries around the world, based on physical addresses, city name or points of interest


The Merchant Offers API is a centralized storage center for global, regional and local merchant offers. It allows the cardholders to see all the offers available for their digitized cards, wherever they are.

How it works?

Once the cardholders access the API on their digital wallets, it gathers all available offers for their digitized cards based on their current geolocation and pushes them to the user. The cardholder is then able to refine the search based on a set of filters, including merchant category, redemption type, proximity, among others… The cardholder is then able to view the offers but does not have the capacity to purchase any items through the API, instead many offers come with either a discount or redemption code award.

Main Benefits:
  • Easy Access – provide value-added offers on a timely and relevant basis to cardholders
  • Top of Wallet – providing money saving offers to cardholders can make your card more attractive to cardholders and move it to the coveted, “top of wallet” space as well as give them more reasons to log into your wallet app


Provides easy access to daily currency exchange rates for most currencies. Help cardholders make well-informed decisions while travelling abroad or completing cross-border transactions.

How it works?

Cardholder selects the currency to convert from and to. The resulting rate will be displayed.

Main Benefits:
  • Transparency – allows cardholders to take more informed decisions in the moment
  • Convenience – of having both exchange rates available at the moment of purchase so the cardholder can decide which rate is more favorable


Cardholders can set their own rules related to spending amounts, types and locations. By setting alert rules and transaction controls, a cardholder can control their spending as well as protect against fraudulent activity.

How it works?

The cardholder selects the card they wish to set limits on. They will go to Enable Card Controls, and select either Transaction Limits or Merchant Controls. Depending on the controls the issuer chooses to enable, the cardholder can then begin to configure their limits or alerts. Different types of transaction limits include: time frame for limits and types of operations. Merchant Control options include such categories as alcohol, entertainment, gambling, personal care, etc.…
Once the cardholder makes their selections, they simply Save Configurations and the limits or alerts will be in place for the duration that they have chosen.

Main Benefits:
  • Provide useful tools so your cardholders can track and manage their spending better
  • Reduce card fraud by having alerts in place